our philosophy


Coaching, Training, and Preparation is where value matters. Every activity, of every session, of every training academy has a deliberate purpose.  That is why our philosophy is purpose-driven! That purpose is to prepare our student-athletes to perform/execute to their full potential, minus any interferences when it matters the most – under pressure in competition. We believe ALL YOU NEED IS DRIVE…as coaches and student-athletes, we possess an unquenchable and contagious #DRIVE2BETTER.


  • D = Dedication

  • R = Relentless and Resilient Mindset

  • I = Insight

  • V = Versatile

  • E = Emotional Smarts



To provide the premier golf experience for each student-athlete to further their skill development through both individual and group training, as they embrace the journey to be #bettereveryday. This is accomplished by:

Assist the athleticism and talent of any dedicated student-athlete to achieve their maximum potential in golf and life skills.

Provide a proven platform for any player to reach their playing goals; including playing at the high school, collegiate and professional level.

Develop unwavering confidence in oneself & ever increasing competence (efficiency in golf skills), being able to manage emotions effectively at all times.


When forming such a plan one must consider each of the following 4 core values of development to ensure peak performance:

Methodical - Lifestyle of Greatness

Deliberate Practice of Core Training Principles

Heart of a Champion: The Mindset - Emotional State Attributes

Superior Management - Decision Making