our philosophy

Golf performance training in Rochester, NY

TGA ROC is not only The DRIVING Force in Junior Golf, but has established itself as the premier academy and golf performance training center for high school teams, college teams, and juniors throughout all of Western New York.

Coaching, Training, and Preparation is where value matters. Every activity, of every session, of every training academy has a deliberate purpose.  That is why our philosophy is purpose-driven! That purpose is to prepare our student-athletes to perform/execute to their full potential, minus any interferences when it matters the most – under pressure in competition. We believe ALL YOU NEED IS DRIVE…as coaches and student-athletes, we possess an unquenchable and contagious #DRIVE2BETTER.


  • D = Dedication

  • R = Relentless and Resilient Mindset

  • I = Insight

  • V = Versatile

  • E = Emotional Smarts

The purpose of The Golf Academy


To provide the premier golf experience for each student-athlete to further their skill development through both individual and group training, as they embrace the journey to be #bettereveryday. This is accomplished by:

Assist the athleticism and talent of any dedicated student-athlete to achieve their maximum potential in golf and life skills.

Provide a proven platform for any player to reach their playing goals; including playing at the high school, collegiate and professional level.

Develop unwavering confidence in oneself & constant improvement (efficiency in golf skills), being able to manage emotions effectively at all times.


When forming such a plan one must consider each of the following 4 core values of development to ensure peak performance:

Methodical - Lifestyle of Greatness

Deliberate Practice of Core Training Principles

Heart of a Champion: The Mindset - Emotional State Attributes

Superior Management - Decision Making