Junior Nexus was established to fill a void and assist players/parents with a roadmap to college golf while connecting college coaches with top junior golf players. We know that the playing well under pressure, college recruiting and college placement process can feel overwhelming. There are many things to take in account and accuracy, with a focus on sound decision making.

Everyone seems to have unanswered questions like:

  • What are Junior Rankings and how do I get noticed? 

  • Do I need a golf resume? 

  • What tournaments do I play in? 

  • How do I reach out to coaches?

  • How does this all work?

 Junior Nexus is designed to answer all your questions, solve these unrealized needs, and create a roadmap for you and your junior to college golf.  Plus, serve a clear need from college golf coaches, as college coaches can be overloaded with e-mails, calls, resumes, and need to filter all the information regarding their prospects based on specific guidelines.  The process of going through Junior Nexus program, connecting juniors to college golf is simple, experienced, and strategic.  Focused on helping you reach your goals along the way. 



Junior Nexus makes each step of the college placement process simple. Keeping the entire process SIMPLE is not just important to us, but to each client, and college coaches as well.

From creating an inspired digital golf resume, to establishing and improving junior golf rankings, strategic tournament scheduling, how to contact and communicate with college coaches, being performance ready at all times, as well as more opportunities connecting juniors to college golf.



The Junior Nexus team of Betty Baird Kregor and Caleb Scorsone covers performance readiness in association with college placement complete road map. The Junior Nexus team approach includes, but is not limited to: steps on academic success, marketing to college coaches, planning, tournament scheduling, performance readiness training, etc.  We are driven to provide each student athlete with personalized process that will help you succeed not only in finding their college, but to succeed in your overall golf performance as well as in life.



Locating the ideal college golf program is an important step in a junior golfer’s journey. Strategy is required to accomplish each and every step along the college placement process.  The Junior Nexus team provides you with a clear strategy. From talent evaluation, college list prep, to a strategic marketing game plan. Each client receives a packet that includes valuable information to aid in the placement process.  A game plan is laid out to include steps on academic success as well as marketing to college coaches.